2015 President’s Letter

Cardinal Hill Swim and Racquet Club

2015 President’s Letter

As opening day approaches, there is no better time to update the membership on the accomplishments of the 2014 season and what is planned for 2015. The board of directors meets throughout the year in order to prepare for the upcoming season. Our goal is that each new season will be better than the last.  We continually update the Cardinal Hill website at www.chsrc.com to provide more timely information to the membership. The club’s email address is chsrcvienna@chsrc.com and input from any member is always appreciated and welcome.

On behalf of the Board, I want to thank departing Board members Mark Nelson and Dan Hassett for their service. Mark has been a leader for many years and his positive impact on Cardinal Hill will be tangible far into the future. Dan’s success managing the snack bar over the past several years could be measured by the smiling faces of the kids enjoying their ice cream or treats. Mark and Dan will be missed. I would also like to welcome our new board members John Motz and Chris Butler.

Our wait list has over 400 potential members and this reflects the demand from the local community to join such a quality swim and racquet club. The harsh winter resulted in some facilities damage and we had to remove trees as part of the cleanup effort.  We also removed a lot of the brush that was growing into the parking lot and we will continue those efforts. Additional tree removal and weather related damage will be addressed as needed.  We have had significant concrete pad replacement around the pool deck as well. We also had routine maintenance done to the men’s and ladies’ locker rooms.

Our swim and dive teams had great seasons with many swimmers and divers going to divisionals and all stars. Tennis, with more than eight adult teams, had successful seasons and the youth program continued to thrive. We have a new tennis director Mike Dowd and tennis activities for the 2015 season have commenced.  Feel free to contact Mike with questions relating to tennis teams, lessons or clinics. His contact information is on the Cardinal Hill web site. Our social events were a lot of fun and included a wine and cheese social, casino night, the cardboard boat races and the annual crab feast. If you missed out on any of the social events, I highly recommend giving them a try this season.

Crystal Aquatics continued as our pool management company and their performance improves every year.  They have hired our guard staff and we will be fully staffed well before the start of this season.   Crystal Aquatics is currently busy at work preparing Cardinal Hill for the upcoming season. Like last year, front desk and tennis personnel are hired and managed by Cardinal Hill.

We had a last minute cancellation by the new snack bar management company and will therefore be managing the snack bar internally. We have hired many of the staff from last year and hope to benefit from their experience. Please be patient as we get the snack bar operating as smoothly as possible.

On the security front, we are happy to report that we had no incidents of vandalism and no major trespassing violations during the season.

The Bocce Ball court will be ready for the 2015 season. Information for signing out equipment will be available at the front desk.

Lastly, our primary objective is to offer a safe, fun, and family-friendly facility for our members, their families and guests to enjoy. Let’s remember to treat all of the staff working at Cardinal with the utmost respect and courtesy. They are working hard to make Cardinal Hill the best swim and tennis club in the area. We are looking forward to another safe and fun pool season.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide this update and feel free to contact the board of directors at any time at chsrcvienna@chsrc.com. Enjoy your summer and have fun.


Chris Lee, President