Dues Information 2021/2022 Season

Dues Information 2021/2022 Season

The Board has approved a dues increase of $50 for the 2022 season.  They have also approved the activation of 25 additional memberships. The county approved an additional 100 members in 2017. To date, Cardinal Hill has only activated 25 of these new memberships.  This modest dues increase and additional memberships will help defray rising salary costs due to minimum wage increases and to help fund long term capital improvement projects, such as tennis court resurfacing and white coating the pools.

  • The Club dues have been increased to $850 for the coming year. Again this year you may use a two installment payment plan.  The first payment ($425.00) must be postmarked or paid online on or before October 31, 2021This payment is past due on November 1, 2021 and you must include a $40 late fee. Mailed payments should be sent to address above with your member id listed on the check.
  • The second installment ($425.00) must be postmarked or paid online on or before December 15, 2021. This payment is past due on December 16, 2021 and you must include a $40 late fee.


 ONLINE DUES PAYMENT – This year you may pay your dues online by following the link in the online invoice we will send to you.  There is a 3% fee charged by Paypal for this processing.

 MAILING DUES PAYMENT – If you choose to mail your payment, please send it to CHSRC, PO Box 190, Vienna, VA  22183.  Please note your member id on your check.

LATE FEES – If the first installment is not postmarked or paid online by October 31, 2021, a $40 late fee will be applied. If the second installment is not postmarked or paid online by December 15, 2021, a $40 late fee will be applied. ($80 late fee if both payments are late.) An additional $40 late fee will be imposed if the dues are not paid by January 15, 2022.

Please note that failure to pay annual dues and any late fees by Jan. 15, 2022 may result in expulsion from the Club.  Date of dues receipt will be determined by the postmarked envelope or online payment date.

SENIOR MEMBERSHIPS – We currently have a wait list for Sr. Memberships. Senior Members will redeem their current membership and pay ½ dues annually. If you would like information on joining this wait list, please email us at chsrcvienna@chsrc.com.

MEMBERSHIP REDEMPTION – If you plan to redeem your membership, you may do so at any time but in order to avoid paying dues and late fees you must request your redemption in writing by October 31, 2021.  Please fill out the membership redemption form on our website under the Member Dashboard.  If you do not have your membership certificate, your signature on the form must be notarized. Please allow 90 days for the processing of your redemption and refund of your membership fees.




If you reside in the area, but will not be using your Club Membership for the 2022 season, please consider applying for Local Inactive Status (LIA).  We currently have almost 500 families on our wait list.  This will allow us to lease your membership to one of these families for the season.  Applications for Local Inactive Status must be received and paid by the first dues deadline of October 31, 2021.

The Board of Directors approved the Local Inactive fee to be ½ of the Annual Dues.   Local inactive members who lease their memberships shall receive 10 free admissions (per family) to the pool/tennis courts each season while the pool is open.  Local inactive members who have leased their memberships may not use the 10 free admissions to bring guests. (September 2021)

Local Inactive families may not use the pool or tennis facility for one year from October 1 2021 until September 30, 2022 (with the exception of the 10 admissions per family noted above).  They may not participate in swim/dive/tennis teams. Your membership will be leased for the Season and you may not sell your membership back to the club or with the sale of your home during this time period.  You also may not vote in any club meetings. 

LIA status is renewable each year.  The LIA fee for this season is $425.   You do not have to pay the $850 dues as long as your LIA fee is paid by October 31, 2021.  

Please fill out the Inactive Status application on our website at:  Inactive Membership Request 2021/2022 Season

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