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Membership and Guest Policies

Membership and Guest Policies and Procedures


 For the purpose of access to, and use of, Cardinal Hill facilities, a member family consists of the registered member and spouse who permanently live in the household and any of the registered member’s children under the age of 26. Any other individuals living in the household using the Club facilities must be registered as guests and the applicable fees paid.

  • The Board reserves the right to grant an exception for an adult care giver who resides permanently with the member upon written request which must be made prior to May 1 of the current year.
  • ONE Full-time or live-in care giver may be registered as family members and use Club facilities when caring for family members’ childrenOther babysitters that are non-members, must enter as guests and pay guest fees.
  • Children 4 years and younger, related to a member but not living permanently with the member (e.g. grandchildren), may use Club facilities free of charge when accompanied by the adult member.
  • All other individuals, including extended family members who do not meet the membership criteria above, must be registered as guests and applicable fees paid.
  • All registered family members must have a current digital photo (taken at front desk) and personal information on file.


  • Every guest must be registered when entering the facility. Guests are subject to the same rules as members.
  • Daily Guests:  The cash fee for each guest is $5.00.  Members may purchase books of five (5) guest tickets for $20.00.
  • House Guests:  A person whose permanent residence is more that 50 miles from the Club, and who is visiting a member, may qualify as a house guest.  House guests must be pre-registered by the member 24 hours in advance to qualify for the weekly or monthly house guest rate. Forms are available at the Front Desk.

Care Givers

 “Grandparent Rule” – Grandparents/Family members may enter the facility with members’ children to supervise them at the pool or tennis courts, however they may not use the pool or courts without paying a guest fee and being signed in by an adult member.

  • Children under age 10 are not permitted in the facility unless accompanied by a member adult or parent-approved chaperone age 16 or older. All non-member chaperones and chaperones under the age of 16 will be registered using the Chaperone Registration form. Non-members must pay guest-fees.

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