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Membership Information

A maximum limit of 700 full memberships afford pleasant uncrowded conditions.

Fees and Dues

Membership fee of $3525 (redeemable in accordance with the bylaws)

Provisions in the club bylaws allows for conveyance of membership with the sale of your house to prospective buyer. The buyer must make application to the club. The sale of the membership will be finalized after settlement on the sale of the house.  Members must notify the Business Manager in writing once a contract is received.

Annual dues are $1000 for the dues year October 1st thru September 30th. Dues may be adjusted annually to meet operating expenses.  Dues are paid annually in October.

Waiting list deposit is $30.00 (This fee is non-refundable but will be applied to the $150.00 Initiation Fee when full membership is accepted). To be placed on the waitlist, please click on the WaitList Menu Item.

NOTE:  It is currently a 7-8 year wait for Full Membership.

Initiation Fee is $150.00 (paid at time of full membership).


A leasing agreement is offered to the top families on the waitlist based on the number of Inactive Memberships we have each Summer. The charge for a lease this year is $1100 ($1000 for dues $100.00 leasing fee). The leasing fee is non-refundable.

NOTE: It is currently about a 5-6 year wait for a Summer Lease