Pool Rules

These rules are established for the protection of the Club, for the enjoyment of its members, lessees, renters and guests, and to assure the safe, sanitary operation of the pool.

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Members should explain these rules to their children and guests and instruct them to observe the rules, as well as any instructions given by the manager or staff.

Staff employees are to report infractions of the rules to the pool manager on duty.

The manager is authorized to suspend an individual’s pool privileges for a period or 24 hours. The manager will report all such suspensions to the Operations Committee within 24 hours. The Chairman (or Acting Chairman) of the Operations Committee may approve suspending the individual’s pool privileges for an additional 48 hours. The Board of Directors will be notified of all suspensions.

The Board will take appropriate actions as provided for in Article III, Section 10 of the by-laws.

Slide Rules

1. A swimmer must be able to swim independently to the wall or ladder after exiting the slide without the use of a floatation device (e.g., lifejacket, arm floats, water wings). The lifeguards and managers on duty can administer a swim test to determine whether persons can safely use the slide.

2. Swimmers must enter and exit the slide feet first.

3. The swimmer waiting to use the slide must wait on the concrete deck at the base of the slide ladder until the swimmer before them completes their slide and clears the slide landing area.

4. Once a slide is completed, the swimmer must clear the slide landing area as quickly as possible.

5. Swimmers of any age are not allowed to catch sliders. Children who are unable to swim on their own are not allowed to use the slide.

6. Swim away from the area at the end of the slide.

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